Elder Care in Smyrna GA: Senior Moving In Tips
Elder Care in Smyrna GA: Senior Moving In Tips

Moving your aging loved one into the home with you and the rest of your family can be a fantastic way to maximize your care efforts and your time.
As a family caregiver, you want what’s best for your parent, but you may also have other obligations, such as caring for your children and managing your home. Having your parent move in lets you streamline efforts, spend more quality time with them, and ease issues such as financial strain and distance. In order to make the most of this change, it is important to make sure your home is ready for your parent to move in. Making meaningful modifications to your space helps ensure your parent will be safe and your household can continue running smoothly after your parent moves in.


Some ways you can modify your home to make it more accessible for when your parent moves in include:

-Consider the most commonly used entrance of the home and how it may challenge your parent. Adding a ramp can make it easier for a senior with mobility issues to get in and out of the home, with and without a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or walker.

-If your parent uses a mobility aid, bring it to your home and move around the house with it. Try going through all the doors and see if any feel tight or awkward. Consider widening these doorways to make the rooms more accessible.

-Ensure the bathroom your parent will use is fully accessible to them. In addition to adding grab bars throughout the room, consider a walk-in tub, handrails around the toilet, and a bench or chair for them to sit on while fulfilling their grooming and hygiene needs.

-If your parent struggles with arthritis, have them try the doorknobs, handles, and drawer pulls throughout the home. Replace any that are challenging for your loved one.

-Add labels in the bathroom and kitchen to mark things your parent might need so they can get familiar with the new layout.


Your senior moving into your home does not mean they no longer need any other care. Continuing to have senior care as a part of their routine supports the ongoing quality of life for both your parent and you as their family caregiver. A senior home care services provider can support the care you give your parent while maintaining boundaries in your relationship, and in your parent’s relationship with the rest of their family. Through these highly personalized services, your parent is able to maintain more independence, manage their challenges and needs, and focus more energy and attention on quality time with the family when you’re together rather than just their care needs.



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