Being diagnosed with something like high blood pressure can be a little scary at first. This is especially true if your elderly family member doesn’t know what treatment might look like.

Home Care Services in Decatur GA: High Blood Pressure Treatment
Home Care Services in Decatur GA: High Blood Pressure Treatment

Small Changes at First Are Highly Likely

Unless your elderly family member’s blood pressure is extremely high, her doctor is more likely to recommend small changes at first. Frequently when levels are only slightly elevated, your senior’s doctor may simply want to evaluate what’s going on and look at whether lifestyle changes and awareness of the higher than normal readings make a difference.

Medications Can Come into Play

If your senior’s doctor has been monitoring her blood pressure or the levels are extremely high right now, medication may already be an option. There is a wide range of different types of medications that your senior’s doctor might prescribe. Some have a diuretic included in them, which may cause your senior to urinate more and flush out her system. It can take quite a while to find the right combination of medications, so don’t be surprised if her prescription changes a little bit at first.

Monitoring at Home

Your elderly family member’s doctor is likely to recommend that she use a home blood pressure monitor to keep track of her readings throughout the day. Some of the times she might need to test could be at the beginning and the end of the day as well as periodically throughout the day or after certain activities. Home care providers can help your elderly family member to get used to using a monitor correctly, especially if she’s nervous about the idea.

More Frequent Doctor Visits

A diagnosis of high blood pressure may mean that your aging family member sees her doctor more frequently than she’s used to, especially at first. This might not be what she wants or enjoys, but it can be necessary in order to narrow down the right treatment for your senior. This doesn’t mean that these more frequent visits are permanent, either. Once her levels come down, she may only need to go in a couple of times a year, barring other changes to her health.

Getting your senior’s blood pressure under control again may not be as difficult as either of you fear. It often requires taking a look at what might be behind the rise in blood pressure and then reducing or eliminating those contributing factors. It can take time for your senior’s levels to get where her doctor wants them.


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