As your mom ages, her abilities are changing. She’s finding it harder to climb up and down the stairs to the laundry room. She can’t lift the basket of laundry and walk up the stairs at the same time. She needed a laundry chute installed because she refused to let someone carry the basket for her.

Home Health Care in Atlanta GA: Aging Changes
Home Health Care in Atlanta GA: Aging Changes

Your mom’s arthritis acts up, so she cannot cut meats and vegetables on her own. She has a food processor to help her from some. She pays for a butcher to cut down her meat into cubes when necessary. She refuses to admit she would benefit from having help at home. How do you get her to embrace her changing abilities?

Let Her Discuss Her Fears

Often, the fears of what happens next will keep your mom in a state of denial. She can’t move around as much as before, so she fears that she’ll become dependent on others. She can have help without giving up her independence. She needs to realize that. If you talk it out, she might start to see how she could have help without having to move.

Get Her a Service Dog

Look into a service dog. Sometimes, the lack of mobility can be overcome if there is someone to help. If your mom has a dog to walk, it may be enough to motivate her to get up and walk the dog each day. As she strengthens muscles, she may discover that the exercise helps her regain some mobility. The dog is also there to help her, so she’ll have peace of mind.

See a Doctor

If it is a condition like arthritis that is making your mom move more slowly or struggle to get things done, a trip to the doctor will help. She can learn exercises that will help her regain some mobility. She can learn which pain relievers are better for easing the inflammation and pain. If she needs surgery, her doctor will tell her.

Talk to Her Close Friends

Talk to your mom’s close friends. You want to find someone who is currently using home care services. If she can see a caregiver working with her friend, she will realize that home care services aid rather than take over. They help her remain independent. With first-hand experience, she may discover that home care is right for her.

Changing abilities doesn’t always mean she’ll be forced to move into a community. With the help of home care aides, she can remain independent in her home. For the challenges, she has caregivers to help. For the things she can still manage on her own, she’ll be left alone to complete them. Call a home care agency to talk about the services that help her stay in her home.

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