1. Home Care Services in Decatur GA: High Blood Pressure Treatment

    What Does Treatment for High Blood Pressure Look Like?

    Being diagnosed with something like high blood pressure can be a little scary at first. This is especially true if your elderly family member doesn’t know what treatment might look like. Small Changes at First Are Highly Likely Unless your elderly family member’s blood pressure is extremely high…Read More

  2. Perennial Angels Homecare Volunteers at Hapeville Manor

    Perennial Angels Homecare volunteered at the Hapeville Manor Assisted Living, 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza on April 16, 2019. Chey Higgins, the administrator at Hapeville Manor, organized a first class event that included the seniors that live in the facility and kindergartners from Hapev…Read More

  3. Perennial Angels Homecare Attends Healthcare Unity Movement

    Perennial Angels Homecare was in attendance to support the Healthcare Unity Movement that was held on April 12, 2019, at The Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta. The event was hosted by United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (UAPRN) and Georgia Nurses Association (GNA). The purpose of the event wa…Read More

  4. Homecare in Dunwoody GA: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Can Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Be Treated?

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a serious condition that can dramatically diminish health, well-being, and quality of life. If you're senior or you are dealing with this syndrome, it is important to understand not only its impact but also what can be done to cope and encourage resolving the issue. Fortu…Read More

  5. Elder Care in Atlanta GA: Symptoms of Spring Allergies

    Symptoms of Spring Allergies

    Spring has sprung…and brought with it all the things that cause spring allergies. One thing many people aren’t aware of concerning allergies is that people can develop them at any age. So, even if your older family member has never had problems with seasonal allergies, it’s possible for them t…Read More

  6. Long distance care for seniors and their families

    How to Provide Long-Distance Care for Your Loved Ones Offering support and care to seniors is a challenge for many families. For those living far away from their loved ones, the challenge can be even greater. As families spread out around the country and even the globe, seniors often rely on the sup…Read More

  7. When is Home Care the Right Decision?

    At some point in their life, most people face the decision of how to offer the best care to their aging parents. The choice can be extremely difficult as each option offers benefits as well as drawbacks. Continue reading to learn how to know when home health care is the right decision for your loved…Read More