Elder care is defined as caring for men and women who are elderly. That care can take place in a residential facility, but most seniors prefer to stay in the family home where they know the neighborhood and town and are familiar with their home.

Senior Care in Douglasville GA: Elder Care Services
Senior Care in Douglasville GA: Elder Care Services

Elder care at home includes paid care that comes in as often as needed or care from family members or friends. Friends and family often provide that care without pay, and that can lead to unintended complications.

Why Unpaid Care Becomes Difficult

Family members who provide care for an older adult often have to reduce their work hours or quit a job. If they don’t, they’re spending a full day at work and doing the same when they reach their elders home. Many also have children, pets, and spouses or partners at home to find time for.

In order to balance work, care of an aging parent, and one’s duties and responsibilities to others, many family caregivers end up quitting work, cutting hours or ignoring self-care. If you quit work, your retirement savings is affected. You lose access to company health insurance and dental coverage plans.

When you’re the family caregiver, if you become sick, you often have no choice but to show up anyway. Unless you have other friends and family members who can drop everything to fill in for you, you’re on your own. A sick day is impossible unless you can risk leaving your parents alone for the day.

Private Caregivers Also Have Risks

You could hire a private caregiver to help your parents with daily care needs. There are several things you must consider.

-First, you are responsible for employment taxes. These can be difficult to handle if you don’t have experience calculating taxes and sending in the taxes to the IRS.

-Second, you will need to make sure the insurance coverage your parents have is enough to protect your parents from theft and the caregiver from work-related injuries. You open yourself up to personal injury claims.

-Third, if the caregiver fails to show up, you’re on your own. Someone is going to have to be with your parents until a new caregiver can be interviewed and hired.

-Fourth, you do all of the hiring tasks. You place the wanted ad, interview applicants, and run background checks. It can be time consuming and expensive.

The Benefits to Elder Care Agencies

When you hire caregivers through an elder care agency, the agency deals with taxes and insurance. They also do all the interviewing, background checks, hiring, and scheduling. If a caregiver doesn’t show up or has an emergency, they’ll dispatch another caregiver.

Elder care agencies save you time and hassle. Call now to learn more.

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