At some point in their life, most people face the decision of how to offer the best care to their aging parents. The choice can be extremely difficult as each option offers benefits as well as drawbacks. Continue reading to learn how to know when home health care is the right decision for your loved one, and contact Perennial Angels in Atlanta to learn about the services we offer.

Home Care Benefits

One of the obvious benefits to home health care is the privacy that is afforded, as well as the opportunity to remain in familiar settings. It allows the caregiver and their client to develop a more personal one-on-one relationship. Seniors are able to retain their independence with the assistance of their in-home caregiver. An added bonus is that in-home care is frequently far less expensive than other options outside of the home.

Nursing Home Benefits

Nursing homes usually offer a staff with a diversity of medical profession backgrounds. Should you decide to place your loved one in a nursing home, you can rest assured that they will receive high-quality care from medical professionals around the clock as needed. An added benefit is the security that nursing homes can offer if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia and is prone to wandering.

Assisted Living Benefits

Assisted living homes are sometimes referred to as boarding homes, congregate housing, adult congregate care, domiciliary care, or residential care. Assisted living homes honor each individual’s right to privacy, autonomy, and dignity, as long as their safety is not compromised. Visitors can typically visit at any time of the day and even stay overnight. Pets are also usually allowed in many of these homes.

Points to Consider

When it comes to evaluating the whole picture of each of these options, there are a number of things you will need to consider in order to make the best decision. You will need to consider whether or not your parent needs round-the-clock care or overnight care. How do they feel about living in a group environment? Will a change in staff create issues in the quality of their care? How highly do they value their ability to be independent? Are they a danger to themselves due to an illness they have?

Determine the Level of Help Needed

An important piece to deciding which form of care is best for your loved one is determining how much help they need on a daily basis. A good guideline is to look at how well they handle daily living activities such as feeding, dressing, and toileting. Some other areas that are also important to evaluate are their medical needs, cognitive health, mobility, and level of social interaction. For your own sake, you should determine how much support you will receive from family members both in the care of your parent and in the decision of which type of care is best for them. 

Understand the Financial Situation

Each form of assistance, whether it be in-home health care, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home will bring its own costs. Estimating future costs is a good strategy for helping you to fully plan for their needs. Evaluate average costs for items such as food, medical care, home safety modifications, etc. Once you have an idea of how much everything will cost and it is clear that they will not have enough money, then you can help them apply for financial assistance.

Caring for an aging parent is rarely an easy task. The role reversals that sometimes come with the aging process can cause you to deal with feelings such as fear, grief, anger, sadness, and even guilt. At Perennial Angels Homecare in Atlanta, we truly understand how difficult this process can be, and we are here to make things easier for everyone involved. If you are considering in-home care for your parent, then please contact us today to discuss all of the options that we offer and see how we can help.