1. Long distance care for seniors and their families

    How to Provide Long-Distance Care for Your Loved Ones Offering support and care to seniors is a challenge for many families. For those living far away from their loved ones, the challenge can be even greater. As families spread out around the country and even the globe, seniors often rely on the sup…Read More

  2. Seniors Coping With Loss of Independence

    Help Seniors Cope with the Loss of Independence Loss of independence is something that many seniors fear. When this fear becomes a reality, there are several ways that you can help. Continue reading to learn some specific things that you can do for your loved one, and contact Perennial Angels in Atl…Read More

  3. Fun Activities For Seniors in Atlanta

    As our loved ones age, it is important to make sure that we plan activities that keep them active and closely connected with the rest of their family. Perennial Angels understands that sometimes we run out of ideas and tend to do the same activities over and over. Today, we will look at some of the …Read More

  4. What Is In-Home Care?

    Maybe you have heard the term in-home care before, but were never really sure what is involved or included with this type of elderly care. If you have been wondering lately about the quality of life that your parents are enjoying in their home, and how you can take care of them without quitting your…Read More